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LTW Progress

Welcome to the Abernathy Legacy, a Sims 3 legacy that follows the LTW Challenge. In other words, it’s just a really long legacy where I try to spice it up by forcing myself to do LTWs I might not otherwise do in regular gameplay.

As of February 2014, I am discarding my former rule of LTW Challenge + Trait Legacy, because I was starting to lose steam due to the pressure of having to construct a narrative based around a generational trait. My creative writing teacher once told me that constraints help increase creativity, and I feel like I did improve as a writer throughout my time writing this legacy, but in the end, I’m doing this as a fun hobby. The generation trait rule was starting to stress me out because I kept feeling like I sucked at making a narrative out of gameplay, and I really suck at doing the Sims story way of set-building, posing, et cetera.

I will not be following the rules very closely; they’re more a guideline than anything. Points are not recorded, either.

I’m not exactly sure what else needs to be said, since it’s pretty straightforward as to what exactly this blog is. I’m a generally easy-going person so if you have any comments or questions, feel free to hit me up either on this blog, or on my tumblr (simblr or personal, it doesn’t matter to me).

Fairly Important Notifications

Though not every generation, I have listed (for myself) an extra challenge or twist for the majority of generations so as not to bore myself or the reader. So, in case you’re thinking to yourself that this legacy MUST be repetitive or other sad adjectives like that, you can rest easy. I’ll do what I can to make sure every generation is at least somewhat unique.

I am aware that I have planned a LOT of generations, and I know that I might be getting new readers in the future. If I was a new reader, I certainly wouldn’t want to read something like ‘The Abernathy Legacy 48.2’. Like oh my god, what in the world, right? When I feel like the numbers are starting to get bogged down, I will be changing the name of the legacy. This doesn’t mean it’s a new one; it’s just the same old Abernathy Legacy, but the title page will be marked differently. The numbering will be too, so Abernathy 48.2 might actually be like -Insert Random Name- 2.2. Since I’m pretty sure no one cares about this legacy as much as I do, I’ll make sure everything is nice and neat on the table of contents and stuff so people don’t get confused. This is just so that new readers aren’t intimidated by the number of generations, as well as the fact that I can very briefly camouflage how lame I am for actually playing a family for like 60 generations.

Cheers and kisses, friends. Hope you have a good time, because I know I will.


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